Student [noun]

Definition of Student:

person actively learning

Synonyms of Student:

Opposite/Antonyms of Student:

Sentence/Example of Student:

He was a student working his way to an education, and his example was a help to me.

Langdon was a consummate trainer, a student of horse character.

Such a student cannot assume that Paul ever took anything for granted.

"That is what I have never been able to find out," answered the student.

"I described the giant as he appeared to me," replied the student, rather piqued.

The student of nature in all the ages has taken the vow of poverty.

The darker, grimmer side of the student life was wholly hidden from Betty.

The student of Shakspere becomes imbued with the idea of his character.

It was a dark day to the student, but he had learned "never to let his energies stagnate."

Estelle became a student of flowers, Cécile of birds, Camille of trees.