Professor [noun]

Definition of Professor:

person who teaches college courses

Synonyms of Professor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Professor:

Sentence/Example of Professor:

"I fear you do not quite understand me," said the Professor.

"The professor made a bully speech," said more than one after the exercises were over.

With these words, he handed the pencil to the professor and returned to his seat.

The result of her hours of thought and prayer was that she was bound to Professor Ellis.

The doctor bowed; and the subject of Professor Ellis was immediately dropped.

You know, of course, that it is all right about Professor Ellis;—or no!

Much of this is Professor Dowden's view and not Shakespeare's.

"I think that was carrying your theory a little too far," said the professor dubiously.

Bartlett spoke only once, and then to the professor, who sat next to him.

There was no time for the professor to reply before they came within earshot.