Docent [noun]

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Moralistae vulgo docent inseminationem essentialem esse copulae carnali.

In the evening at the house of Gizycki (a Docent on Ethics), to a "privatissimum" with a supper after it.

Doctor Norbert Hanold, docent of archology, really found in the relief nothing noteworthy for his science.

After spending some time as teacher in a private school, he returned to Leipsic as Privat Docent in the university.

He became docent or reader in Belles Lettres at the university of Copenhagen, where his lectures were the sensation of the hour.

After acting as privat-docent at Berlin for some time, he became extraordinary professor of physics at Breslau in 1850.

After a course in chemistry, he began the systematic study of medicine and in 1811 became a Privat docent.

Gerhardt had resigned his professorship at Montpellier, and was teaching philosophy and chemistry as privat docent in Paris.

With this object he returned to Berlin, and as privat-docent began to lecture on the history of philosophy.

He himself entered the university in 1828, and in 1834 became Privat-docent.