Junior [adjective]

Definition of Junior:

subordinate, younger

Synonyms of Junior:

Opposite/Antonyms of Junior:

Sentence/Example of Junior:

Lafrenière is one of two junior hockey players — along with Crosby — to have won the Canadian Hockey League’s Player of the Year Trophy twice.

Computer science is a passion for Edward Aguilar, a rising high school junior outside Atlanta, particularly combinatorial optimization — a technique that finds the most efficient way to allocate resources.

Mead was bound for the west coast and then American Samoa, her first fieldwork expedition as a junior anthropologist.

When I was in, uh, late elementary school and junior high school I had a really good friend, and her name was Janice.

Through elementary school and junior high school, we would always sit down, everybody at the dinner table, and do homework while I was cooking.

Directors were to us junior clerks, remote personalities, mythical beings dwelling on Olympian heights.

The tall, lean youngster wore a junior pilot's bands on the sleeves of his blue uniform.

With them were two civilians, both in rough shooting-jackets and breeches, one about forty-five, the other a few years his junior.

The girls of the Junior class in modern history were filing out on Friday.

The Junior class crowded into Miss Carringtons room and took their seats.