Qualify [verb]

Definition of Qualify:

make or become ready, prepared

Synonyms of Qualify:

Opposite/Antonyms of Qualify:

Sentence/Example of Qualify:

And I'll be qualify'd I never larnt such a word when I went to his school.

Do you send him to me,—I'll qualify him for that important station.

She tossed her head as much as to say that she was still able to qualify for the description.

So Mr. Croy showed he could qualify the humble hand that assuaged him.

I began to qualify, rather weakly; but what I said did not matter.

In 1892 it was enacted that women might study law and qualify for the Bar.

When a boy has become a first-class scout he may qualify for the merit badges.

Before a boy can become a tenderfoot he must qualify for same.

That which serves to qualify other acts cannot be itself a special act.

The bullies were called on to qualify under the eyes of the master.