Entitle [verb]

Definition of Entitle:

name, label

Synonyms of Entitle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entitle:


Sentence/Example of Entitle:

Under the settlement, families are entitled to up to 25 sessions, though providers can lay out different plans for families depending on their need.

San Diegans who meet certain requirements and can show with a doctor’s written prescription that they suffer from a disability are entitled to reduced bus and trolley rides.

Current and prospective Trademark owners are entitled to take legal action against so-called “domain squatters” in federal court, or by filing for arbitration with an international body that oversees web names.

The state last year passed a series of laws entitling every single-family lot in the state to build two secondary homes on the property, essentially allowing three homes on each single-family lot.

Of these 842 loans, 792 were for less than $150,000, which should have entitled the recipient to more confidentiality under SBA’s release policies.

During the first few weeks, I saw a book at the campus bookstore entitled Algebraic Geometry.

These are the violins which by common consent most entitle this artiste to rank with the great masters.

As a rule, the consideration of a contract must totally fail to entitle a person to recover back the money he has paid.

A disciple asked him what qualities a man must possess to entitle him to be called a scholar.

Our tickets, which we bought of the concierge at the Hotel B., entitle us to a drive or a railway journey.