Christen [verb]

Definition of Christen:

named in religious rite

Synonyms of Christen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Christen:


Sentence/Example of Christen:

Now, little girl, you stand here and say: 'I christen thee White Swan.'

I told him the story of Colonel Train's life, and that we were going to christen the new vessel with his name.

In the absence of a better name, fellows, I hereby christen this waterway Snake Creek; any objections?

At his smile and nod she had said in a high clear voice, "I christen thee Star Lord!"

So we have decided, now, to christen our Troop by that name.

Did he himself christen it after the forest which he knew so well?

Young Mr. Turveydrop's name is Prince; I wish it wasn't, because it sounds like a dog, but of course he didn't christen himself.

In his work on the radiolaria alone he had to christen more than thirty-five hundred new species, two names apiece.

However, poets have a perfect right to christen their own children, and if the wine is good no one should quarrel with the bush.

Will Frankland's wife is near bringing to-bed, and I have promised to christen the child.