Bless [verb]

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We’re blessed to live in countries where we can be who we are and yet we know that there are individual cases around the world, individual countries that deny just basic human rights.

It’s like, songs like that makes me realize how I’ve been a wretch, and yet God will bless me.

That’s when a country seemingly blessed with valuable natural resources ultimately suffers because it fails to diversify their economy.

I was blessed enough to get this opportunity at a very young age, but I’ve taken every opportunity that’s come my way.

In 1923, San Diego adopted its first zoning ordinance – six years after the Supreme Court outlawed racial districts, and three years before the court blessed the basic structure of zoning we know today.

God bless Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion for forcing discussions like this into the hallowed pages of the New York Times.

"God bless 'ee, Missy," cried the old man in the shrill cracked voice of age, as he pressed up to the carriage window.

Gilbert's "O shame, father," and Mrs. Rushmere's "God bless the dear child," following her hasty retreat.

“God bless thee, little David,” said the country folk, crowding to shake his hand as he was conveyed back to London for his trial.

Put your hands together as you do when you’re saying your prayers, mon brave, and say, ‘God bless father and mother.