Desecrate [verb]

Definition of Desecrate:

abuse, violate

Synonyms of Desecrate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Desecrate:

Sentence/Example of Desecrate:

Leg fractures and other damage to the mummy’s body hint that the mud wrap may have been used to restore the body after it was desecrated, potentially by tomb robbers.

It was no human remains that he was commanded to desecrate; the bones referred to were those of Mother Earth.

Do not neglect it; do not misuse it; before all things do not defile and desecrate it.

They used to have to stop miles away, as no engine was allowed to desecrate the holy city of Pekin.

You desecrate our sacred memories when you allow small suspicions and fears to enter your thoughts of me.

Proceeding straight up to the high altar, he bent his knee before the God whose name he was now so soon to desecrate.

"Come down, I tell thee, and desecrate not this holy place," cried the man wearing the surplice.

Dont desecrate the picture, bosn, he said; we will respect this mans religious scruples.

Shall we drive the invaders back, and strike to death the men who would desecrate our homes?

But she was very sure that she never intended to desecrate that inner temple by any lesser substitute for love.