Devastate [verb]

Definition of Devastate:

demolish, destroy

Synonyms of Devastate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Devastate:

Sentence/Example of Devastate:

It devastated the Americas in the early 1500s after being introduced through contact with Europe.

The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated sports TV ratings and squeezed advertising budgets.

The government of Juan Orlando Hernández has not done all of the work it said it would do in the areas affected by the natural phenomena that devastated the country last year.

Many women of color are essential workers and work in industries that have been completely devastated by the pandemic, while others — in order to care for their kids — have had to make the difficult decision to leave their jobs altogether.

Late last year, I was devastated to learn that Caracas was closing its East Village home after almost two decades.

Sekou Smith, a longtime NBA reporter and analyst, died Tuesday of complications from covid-19, devastating the community of coaches, players and reporters who had known him for years.

For a while now, it’s been clear the pandemic has ushered in a “she-cession” and devastated working women.

In 2021, it serves a similar purpose at an even more urgent time for the restaurant community devastated by the ongoing pandemic.

He’s angry about it, and devastated for the officers and what they endured and who they lost.

Even if you force yourself to watch, as I had to, you may feel beaten up afterward, rather than devastated by a pure rush of feeling.