Create [verb]

Definition of Create:

develop in mind or physically

Opposite/Antonyms of Create:

Sentence/Example of Create:

Besides our poll, yesterday Google read the story and created their own poll and posted about it on Twitter.

After all, if you know what people are searching for, you can create content that guides them to your site.

Curata, Flipboard, Pocket, and Vestorly are some of the most popular content curation tools you can use to create highly engaging stories to post and share.

Nebula Caravel Acquisition—a SPAC created by True Wind Capital, a private equity firm—will acquire Rover, which will retain its management team and get an infusion of fresh capital.

The Schneider Electric paid search team made an intentional shift from creating and running reactive paid search campaigns to proactive market and industry-based planning.

Google states that advertisers can manually download the last 30 days of lead data directly from Google Ads or create a webhook to have leads moved directly into a CRM.

This will make future campaigns more cost-effective thanks to the social proof you will have created for your brand.

The popular platform allows businesses to drive local traffic by creating and maintaining a strong online presence on Google Search and Google Maps.

Then, the company that prided itself on creating jobs for hoards for educated women who weren’t represented in India’s workforce revealed toxic holes in its workplace culture.

A new organization, Patient Care Heroes aims to create a community of support for nurses, doctors, and any person involved with caring for patients.