Dismantle [verb]

Definition of Dismantle:

take apart

Synonyms of Dismantle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dismantle:

Sentence/Example of Dismantle:

Prepared not just to dismantle inequitable systems but to rebuild them.

This language also suggests that dismantling racism doesn’t require confronting those privileged by racism.

A new, sweeping national security law imposed by Beijing is taking hold, and what remain of Hong Kong’s formerly robust liberties are being systematically dismantled.

In a scathing decision, the judge dismantled every argument Uber raised in its defense, including that the court should delay making a decision until voters weigh in on the ballot measure.

It’s just that City pretty comprehensively dismantled Madrid on the road in the first leg, and it did it with a not-super-high-possession approach.

A time in which San Diego politicians were embroiled not in dismantling racism in policing or containing a global pandemic, but regulating short-term vacation rentals.

It renders their gene some 40 times better at dismantling ethanol than a typical version.

In particular, he’s been dismantling regulations that were designed to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

No nails or metal screws are employed, nothing but the hand is required to dismantle or reconstruct the case.

Next day I found quite a squad of light-duty men, and sent 'em to dismantle and bring down Chaucer's hut.