Denude [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Denude:

His restless jealousy of the Administration finds its explanation in his fear that it would denude his State of men.

She had never forgiven her husband for trying to denude Harry of his birthright.

Salt, even in quantities large enough to denude the soil of all vegetation, is never permanently injurious.

It had blood in its veins, like man, that a thrust of a knife could make redly gush forth and denude it to death.

He agreed with me that it was ill to denude the island of its young men, and I might count upon him to discourage the practice.

They cover every leaf-bearing thing, and occasionally completely denude whole districts of greenery.

This arises from the fact that the rain supply is quite insufficient to denude the whole existing land surface.

Men, though they may denude themselves completely when bathing, always conceal their pudenda from one another's gaze.

To assume that the poet had a rival of his own name is to denude both couplets of all point.

The maid managed wholly to denude the question of its usual grace of solicitude.