Dismember [verb]

Definition of Dismember:

cut into pieces

Synonyms of Dismember:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dismember:







Sentence/Example of Dismember:

Dismember me this animal, and return him in a basket to the base-born knave who sent him; other answer have I none!

Ned he gin hit to me way back yander, I dismember how long ergo, und he tole me to put it in de blu chiss, twell he ax for hit.

Or is it really true, as many think, that your statesmen would gladly dismember this Union?

No man should ever be elected President of this country who raised his hand to dismember and destroy it.

Often they completely dismember themselves, an action which does them no permanent injury, since they reproduce lost parts.

To what end do we dismember by divorce a building united by so close and brotherly a correspondence?

It would be a useless iconoclasm to separate from these or to attempt to dismember them.

A man who is much accustomed to dismember fowls, will not care much about that of kingdoms.

Cut off a nose, or pluck out an eye, or dismember either a man or a picture, and see whether you have not deformed it.

They had joined the King of Denmark in a war in which, with the aid of foreign powers, he had attempted to dismember the Empire.