Dislocate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Dislocate:

At such moments the auto would come back to the trail with a crash that threatened to dislocate every spring in its composition.

And he shook Nansen by the hand so heartily as well nigh to dislocate his wrist, his dark eyes beaming with delight.

A reasonable amount of hard shaking would dislocate its muddy basis and engulf the city.

The devil we don't know is what we'll become if we radically dislocate Syndic life and attitudes.

We're going to have a little bridge built over that ditch on Lane Avenue so's we women don't dislocate our joints jumping over it.

May his unsightly face, and more hideous body dislocate itself in a deceitful ataxia (for they're still at these old tricks)!

Then it swayed to and fro so violently as almost to dislocate the big pillar-like legs, of which there are eight.

He might have had a tumble, but nothing to do him any serious injury,—nothing to break a bone, or dislocate a joint.

But first, before they staked her, their plan was to dislocate her joints and break the big bones of the arms and legs.

And only yesterday I was yawning so as to dislocate my jaw, and declaring that there was nothing new under the sun!