Mutilate [verb]

Definition of Mutilate:

maim, damage

Synonyms of Mutilate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mutilate:

Sentence/Example of Mutilate:

With cynical cruelty, he set himself to insult, to undermine, to mutilate it.

If we wrong it, and despise it, we mutilate the divine in ourselves.

But that herd belongs to the lawyer, and I've taught him, now, to mutilate our horses.

Care should be taken not to mutilate trees in taking these specimens.

The passage is too long to quote, and it would be unfair to mutilate it.

Do not stir them and mutilate them with a spoon, but turn them into a colander and drain.

What if she maim and mutilate all the animals in her Noah's Ark?

Do not cut off heads, ears, or noses, or mutilate in any way.

But if she could not bear the idea of becoming ugly, she could at least mutilate herself.

Thus man's hand permits him to improve or mutilate his body.