Ravage [verb]

Definition of Ravage:

destroy, ransack

Synonyms of Ravage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ravage:

Sentence/Example of Ravage:

Perhaps this last abomination had been needed to ravage and cure him.

They provoke no wars, they ravage no countries, they pursue no plunder.

Disease began to ravage, with new violence, his exhausted frame.

Why are they suffered to ravage the whole country at their will?'

It is that you will spare one house in Italy from ravage and destruction.

France was one of their chief fields of ravage and slaughter.

His was a whirlwind-visitation,—to ravage, ruin, and vanish.

Charles refused battle and allowed them to ravage the suburbs with impunity.

They wish to obtain possession of our cities, and to ravage our provinces.

A furious storm, he knew not what, seemed to ravage inside him.