Loot [noun]

Definition of Loot:

stolen goods

Synonyms of Loot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Loot:


Sentence/Example of Loot:

SWSLA would stop Wall Street firms from looting businesses and destroying jobs for profit by forcing them to share liability and put workers first in the event of bankruptcy by providing for severance and pensions.

Just going back to coronavirus a little bit, to me and to folks like me, it was very frustrating to see a three- to five-week hiatus in coronavirus coverage when the country was being looted, ravaged and burned.

It’s all led to genuine rage against the system, which in several cases over the past year has culminated in a minority of protesters burning down buildings and looting businesses.

So, calling people names, assuming the worst in everybody, looting, burning stuff down, doesn’t help the healing process.

Throughout the 24-page indictment, the group appears to be referenced as “Non-Profit-1” in a scheme in which Bannon and his partners were allegedly looting a crowdsourced charity, We Build the Wall, for personal gain.

The Christians who were unable to escape were either massacred or carried off as slaves into the interior, with the loot.

The fires were being rekindled; around each little groups, over the loot of the Turkish camps.

For he was certain that the isolated structure Soriki had pointed out was not the treasure house they had come to loot.

Thus, live-stock were fair loot, and so were carpets and other house-furniture, and arms of course.

What did they care for Urmi men and the settlement of Persia, when balanced against such a chance of loot and vengeance?