Spoil [verb]

Definition of Spoil:

ruin, hurt

Synonyms of Spoil:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spoil:

Sentence/Example of Spoil:

The boat he supposed to belong to Robert, and he was determined to spoil it.

When we only spoil you by praising and quoting everything you say.

Tell me what it is, or I'll go and find out, and spoil the fun.

I disdain to spoil my eyes or waste my time by newspaper-reading.

Yet now she must spoil it all, and all for the Father's hardness.

The moral inculcated by it is, "Spare the rod and spoil the child."

But why rasp your nerves and spoil your digestion by so fuming over their politics?

A fishing vessel's no place for 'em; they'll spoil all our luck.

My dear Evelyn, you are born to spoil every one—from Sultan to Aubrey.

Do not let us spoil a great opportunity because of our sensitiveness as authors.