Ornament [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ornament:

But this man must be secure that humility would be an ornament to him.

And I was within an ace of becoming an ornament of the British peerage.

Silence is the ornament of your sex; and in silence, if there be not wisdom, there is safety.

Notch and ornament it handsomely with leaves and flowers of paste.

Cover the pie with a crust, notch and ornament it, and bake it well.

The fashion of its ornament and decoration was foreign to that adopted by the Moors of Granada.

Few of the flowers merely meant for ornament are so ethereal as a potato.

At Jocelyn's Rock the stamp of age was upon every decoration, on every ornament.

Ornament with chopped almonds and meringue, or not, as you please.

She was dressed in white muslin, unrelieved by ornament or any suggestion of colour.