Plainness [noun]

Definition of Plainness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Plainness:

Sentence/Example of Plainness:

Under the circumstances, it is surprising how much of plainness women have preserved.

Neatness was at all times my pride; but now plainness was the conformity to necessity.

For my part, there isn't one of them bates the Manx itself for plainness.

Its plainness troubled him, but its cleanliness was unquestionable.

They fascinated him till their plainness to his sight gave him a conviction that there was danger there.

He was vaguely amazed at the plainness with which down there he could hear the gale raging.

But I suppose her age and plainness were too pronounced for a town man.

It took, indeed, trimness of apparel to make up for the plainness of his face.

It was perhaps to conceal this plainness that he wore it very short.

When power bowed to flattery, honour was bound to plainness.