Despoil [verb]

Definition of Despoil:

ravage, destroy

Synonyms of Despoil:

Opposite/Antonyms of Despoil:

Sentence/Example of Despoil:

Still, I did not relinquish my pious purpose to despoil that public treasury Egyptian quoted heretofore.

Time was precious; he therefore hastened to despoil his victim, in whose vestments he clothed himself.

This was when, at some moment of leisure, he contrived to find time to despoil himself of his exuvia.

His name is used to bamboozle the people, to despoil them, and to make them patient asses under their burdens.

Even in times of war, neither Jew nor Mohammedan ventures to despoil and profane the sepulchre of Ezekiel.

Thy race conquered our people, and in rising against thine we did but despoil the despoiler.

In this case, they will surely at some time come round, if but to despoil the kelp-bed of its shell-fish treasures.

Nobody remained to despoil but the tiers tat and revolutionary proprietors.

The old branching apple tree gives us oceans of bloom in the spring, and we are allowed to despoil it as it seldom fruits.

He hunted in vain for another Mexico City to conquer and despoil.