Pirate [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pirate:

I've read of precious stones in the hilt of a pirate's sword!

"I would I had your eyes," said Sir Nigel, blinking at the pirate galleys.

Nor, search as he would, could Mainwaring find a trace of any of the pirate treasure.

"I don't know that 'tis fit for me to take this pirate money, after all," he said.

Then he knew that it must be a party who had come off the pirate sloop.

Off he marched with the jewels, and that was the last that the pirate saw of his Indian treasure.

Such were three of the pirate buccaneers who infested the Spanish Main.

He had seen one spouting fire as he had voyaged on the pirate ship.

What difference is there between the figure of the conqueror and that of the pirate?

They did me the honour to pirate it in your most charming country.