Scratch [noun]

Definition of Scratch:

small cut or mark

Synonyms of Scratch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scratch:

Sentence/Example of Scratch:

He made of himself but a cock, set for a while on the world's heap to scratch and pick.

Some scratch a little deeper than those who aren't so skilled or so strong.

She could scratch, kick, and bite—and stab too; but for stabbing she wanted a knife.

He was furious, and began to scratch the thick wooden posts.

Two horses had been killed under him, and he had not received so much as a scratch.

He had, and Gholson's hide had turned it without taking a scratch.

I can't purr like a cat and scratch at the same time—I wish I could.'

The countryman this time did scratch his head, while he considered.

He could hit, and he could hit hard, but he did not care to claw and scratch and bite!

"I ain't heard the boss say he'd scratch him," said Shanghai.