Graze [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Graze:

Ricardou rented the small plot of land surrounding the house back to relatives of the cheesemaking family he purchased the place from so they could continue to graze their Abondance dairy cows there, as they’d done for centuries.

The water will allow his cattle to graze the land in a more intensive way.

Paul Ensor, a fourth-generation rancher, recently spent more than $100,000 to fence off from grazing cattle a “wee stream” of the glacial river that runs along his acreage.

Casana directed aerial sweeps over grazing land at the cattle ranch, where ancient structures had likely suffered minimal damage.

With more otters and thus fewer kelp-grazing urchins, kelp forests can thrive, storing carbon and sheltering salmon, ling cod and other fishes.

Many of us had been hit by the balls, but a bruise or a graze of the skin was the worst consequence that had ensued.

"I call you," the policeman said, and stripping the saddle and bridle from his sweaty horse, turned him loose to graze.

After lunch the girls strolled around a bit, leaving their mounts to graze lazily.

Then hit blows the snow off en around, en stock can graze thar until near Christmas.

Some of the animals suffered so with thirst that they could not graze, and uttered doleful whinneys of distress.