Sever [verb]

Definition of Sever:

cut apart

Synonyms of Sever:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sever:

Sentence/Example of Sever:

And do you think it will not cost me an effort to sever our friendship?

If you sever a number of these cords, you alter the entire drape of the curtain.

Elizabeth I have put away––death could not sever us more effectually.

There must be continuity of this structure too, for to sever a nerve is to paralyze all beyond.

I am here to say this to you: here and now I sever our betrothal!

Let them bind in drink and sever in blood, for all that he cared.

Probably the two had their bickerings which did not sever love.

His first impulse was to dash forward and sever the rope at one blow.

But Manor Cross was near the deanery, and he must sever his wife from her father.

I sever dreamed that Charlie was the sort of man to get infatuated with anyone.