Dissociate [verb]

Definition of Dissociate:

part company with; separate

Synonyms of Dissociate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dissociate:

Sentence/Example of Dissociate:

It is now up to Republicans to dissociate themselves from these members of their party.

It is difficult to dissociate the materials upon nationalities from those upon nations.

Nor can we dissociate health conservation from the other aspects of the movement, even if we would.

You cannot dissociate yourselves from the labouring masses, and in particular from the women and girls of England.

He could not dissociate anything that this woman said or did or wore from an idea of spiritual rarity and virtue.

It is not everybody, however, who can thus dissociate himself.

They've got to dissociate themselves from this Collins business somehow.

This last course is followed, and the patient is now a Dissociate.

The deceiver who has repressed the consciousness of deceit and become a Dissociate.

He tried also to dissociate the face in the picture from a living personality.