Isolate [verb]

Definition of Isolate:

cut off, set apart

Synonyms of Isolate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Isolate:

Sentence/Example of Isolate:

Existing abusive relationships have worsened, and digital abuse has seen an uptick as people have grown increasingly isolated and spent more time online.

Meunier is typically considered the junior partner in the Champagne triumvirate alongside chardonnay and pinot noir, and when you isolate it as Prévost does, the results are totally distinct.

If players contract the virus the week before the NCAA tournament, there presumably wouldn’t be enough time for them to isolate, recover and return to play.

As to what the study could lead to in terms of actual interventions, the study’s authors note that it can help anticipate outcomes and isolate individuals from others who are at risk.

We’re being told that it’s safe for people to go to their jobs but we need to isolate at home as much as possible.

Over the weekend, several positive coronavirus test results were announced for people who work at the Iowa Capitol, including one Democratic lawmaker who is now isolating at home.

Students who tested positive have been instructed to isolate themselves from others.

The app is now isolated from the rest of the phone with a feature called BlastDoor, written in a language called Swift which makes it harder for hackers from accessing iMessage’s memory.

The snow could continue for at least another hour or two and another half-inch to inch is possible, with isolated new amounts up to two inches.

In Britain, as elsewhere, coronavirus patients have tended to be isolated from their families and support networks, to limit the spread of the virus.