Seclude [verb]

Definition of Seclude:

isolate, hide

Synonyms of Seclude:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seclude:

Sentence/Example of Seclude:

It was at this time that Pascal and Clotilde ceased to seclude themselves.

It was not to be expected that the Whartons should seclude themselves because of her grief.

He embraced him, told him where he meant to seclude himself, and left the house.

Some nationalities are almost Oriental in the way they seclude their women.

I readily consented to seclude myself from Wieland's presence.

Things have come to such a pass that, in fact, is advisable to seclude you here.

It was manifestly true that he had no right to seclude her in that fashion.

In 1696 he had found it necessary to divorce her, and seclude her in a convent.

No one complains if they seclude themselves at certain hours.

This is merely an iron pot, with a close fitting flange lid so as to seclude all dust and ashes, and we used it in this way.