Retire [verb]

Definition of Retire:

leave a place or responsibility

Opposite/Antonyms of Retire:

Sentence/Example of Retire:

The prayer concluded, Mr Clayton coldly requested me to retire.

Mr. Gladstone said that the policy of the Government was to "rescue and retire."

I must be permitted to retire to my apartment whenever he comes.

But they thus became involved in bad ground and had to retire.

The sungar was a regular trap, and the company were ordered to retire.

Edward being an invalid, it was now time for him to retire to bed.

"Here we are, Saveria," Eliza cried in reply, but making no move to retire.

She did not, however, yield to this influence, or retire for such a purpose.

"You may retire," said she at last; and taking her purse from the table, she placed it in his hands.

He is getting in years, his health is failing, and he wishes to retire.