Rescind [verb]

Definition of Rescind:

declare null and void

Synonyms of Rescind:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rescind:

Sentence/Example of Rescind:

He insists that we rescind the contract, or accept all its consequences.

The assembly decided, by a vote of 92 to 17, that it would not rescind.

Let Britain rescind her measures, or the colonies are lost to her forever.

Let Britons rescind their measures, or they are lost forever!'

But he spoke no word to induce Ivan to rescind his resolution.

Lady Harman ought to have been able to rescind her marriage.

The Burgesses petitioned Dinwiddie to rescind it so far as Virginia was concerned.

Rescind Pasha, the Grand Vizier, is a man of about sixty years of age.

And now we would not rescind our first resolution; we exult in it.

Next morning a few of the colonists assembled at the Agency House and vociferously demanded the Agent to rescind his order.