Institute [noun]

Definition of Institute:

law; custom

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Sentence/Example of Institute:

Lawmakers established a tax on logging to pay for the institute while cutting taxes paid by the timber industry that helped fund schools and local governments.

Meanwhile, a farm science research institute in New Zealand, AgResearch, hopes to target methane production at its source by eliminating methanogens, the microbes thought to be responsible for producing the greenhouse gas in ruminants.

This is according to credit and debit card transaction information analyzed by Opportunity Insights, a policy institute based at Harvard University.

To estimate the relationship between income and life expectancy, researchers from Opportunity Insights, a policy institute based at Harvard University, gained access to federal income tax and Social Security records.

The Salk Institute for Biological Studies is one of the most important biomedical research institutes in the world.

The scene was the Imperial Institute, and the meetings lasted till July the 9th.

Mr. Garnett is a graduate of Oneida Institute, a speaker of great pathetic eloquence, and has written several valuable pamphlets.

He always liked you better than any one; do you know that he has a picture of you taken when we went to the Institute?

The library of the Institute, however, is only open to foreigners and the members of the Institute.

The Institute holds its sitting every month, and, according to all report, is then frivolous enough.