Statute [noun]

Definition of Statute:

rule, law

Synonyms of Statute:

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Sentence/Example of Statute:

No precedent, no English statute, could stand against the Constitution.

A statute, in 1791, expressly forbade the whipping of female vagrants.

They were referred to in the "Statute of Labourers," passed in the year 1349.

There is no statute which compels a man to take an estate against his will.

In 1891 a bill was presented to enfranchise women by statute.

There was every reason to believe the Supreme Court would have upheld the statute.

He boasted that in doing so he broke no fewer than three statute laws.

It was to serve as a guide for the enactment of statute laws later.

It was in his time that the famous Statute of Mortmain was passed.

In 1229 the Faculty of Arts at Paris made a statute on the methods of lecturing.