Tradition [noun]

Definition of Tradition:

established practice

Synonyms of Tradition:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tradition:

Sentence/Example of Tradition:

Tradition vaits for years to ripen vine and make it perfect.

But the reception they got departed from tradition and propriety.

What science would say about it, I do not know; tradition was quite voluble.

For him, tradition reigned, and law was ever laying out the way.

One could even believe she had reigned a beauty, as the tradition of the house declared.

Tradition and popular belief associate them with the Druids.

I had said the famous line in which Favart had made her "effect" that was now a tradition.

Tradition says that it was a woman who first set foot in Boston.

Newbury had been brought up in a home steeped in high Anglican tradition.

But what could have been the reasons for this their obstruction of the natural flow of tradition?