Precedent [noun]

Definition of Precedent:

authoritative example

Synonyms of Precedent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Precedent:


Sentence/Example of Precedent:

When you start thinking about it, I suppose we set some kind of precedent here.

It had the authority of precedent in uncounted graduate classes.

By all the rules of precedent and South Harniss business the other should have been at the store.

But let us bear in mind that Alexander did not lack a precedent for this particular act.

No doubt I should present a precedent in undertaking to look after his in like circumstances.

No precedent, no English statute, could stand against the Constitution.

Some of us want to help you, but the majority want a precedent back of them.

British liberty was once more "to broaden down from precedent to precedent."

In Ohio, also, there was an ominous spirit of resistance to the force of precedent.

Even as it is, we went a little further than precedent allows.