Criterion [noun]

Definition of Criterion:

test, gauge for judgment

Synonyms of Criterion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Criterion:

Sentence/Example of Criterion:

Not only that, he drew a polygon with the fewest possible sides that met these criteria.

Because of the criteria, these rates are not available to every borrower.

Employees who meet certain eligibility criteria could receive as much as 600 hours — 15 work weeks — of extra leave time to be paid from a $570 million fund that the bill would create.

Those criteria are the product of decades of field studies, through which scientists have amassed a vast reference dataset of fossil structures, against which researchers can compare and evaluate any new discoveries.

Data can help point us to places where policing practices look the most problematic by these criteria.

Participants were all over the age of 18, hadn't received other vaccinations recently, weren't pregnant or drug users, and met a number of other criteria.

The criterion “what the men or boys run” should be well down the list in deciding.

Travel Leaders allows you to search by geographic area and several other criteria.

Chetna Bindra, Google’s group product manager of user trust and privacy told Digiday criteria for what makes a server trustworthy will be hashed out with others participants contributing to the Privacy Sandbox project.

More worrisome, a majority of states have enacted, or are considering, new laws mandating how reading must be taught and setting narrow criteria for labeling students as reading disabled.