Retract [verb]

Definition of Retract:

take back; renege on

Opposite/Antonyms of Retract:

Sentence/Example of Retract:

He knew she was too much like himself ever to retract her words.

I do own myself beaten,' says she, 'and I retract my words.'

I repeat my words: I will not "retract," I cannot "repent of them."

Some of them were sent to the Tower, but they would not retract.

No, I'll retract that, and on second thought reverse that judgment.

Well, sir, let us away; for I have now gone too far to retract.

But of which I absolved him, sister Dinah; or rather, which I made him retract.

Her fear was very natural, but out of shamefacedness I did not like to retract.

Yet he also knew that it was too late to retract his statement.

"I trust you will not stoop to retract your meaning," rejoined Bertrand.