Forswear [verb]

Definition of Forswear:

abandon, disavow

Synonyms of Forswear:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forswear:

Sentence/Example of Forswear:

A veritable Judas, preparing to forswear his people and their cause, willing to lie and deny his participation.

They made up their minds to forswear the love of women with all its humiliations and disappointments and futilities.

Fortune had been kind to him and he had passed so many competitors on the way that he could forswear jealousy and be generous.

Well, I go; an he should not take it, Firk swears to forswear him.

We'll trip it tightly, And make my sad young mistress merry again, Or I'll forswear the cellar.

Yet I say that if love were accountable for it (which it is not), it would still be folly to forswear love.

I abhor myself, and from this hour, I forswear all woman-kind for your sake.

The bottle he may relinquish—women he may forswear—but gambling, never!

Glories of the world, the love of women; did not all priests forswear these?

Yet who shall blame them when Christians have been known to forswear their faith for equally small p. 254bribes?