Welsh [verb]

Definition of Welsh:

renege, swindle

Synonyms of Welsh:

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Sentence/Example of Welsh:

A Welsh rabbit, in the speech of the humorless, who point out that it is not a rabbit.

He is a curate—a Welsh curate;—you are yet Mr. Beaufort, a rich and a great man.

In time, he became one of the most famous scholars in Welsh history.

The Welsh people, by bloodless victory, have won the respect of all mankind.

At this point the channel is so broad that the Welsh mountains can scarcely be distinguished.

Norwegian discoverers and Welsh emigrants have been pressed into the service.

I came to Wales, determined to like the Welsh, and I've failed.

To-day, Scotch, Welsh, and Irish are mixtures within mixtures.

One points to a card in the window on which is "Welsh Rabbit, 6d."

Four days passed like this, varied by visits from the doctor and my Welsh landlady.