Reaffirm [verb]

Definition of Reaffirm:

start over; refurbish

Opposite/Antonyms of Reaffirm:

Sentence/Example of Reaffirm:

But she stayed with her decision and often had to reaffirm it.

It was decided to reaffirm the "gude and lovable" Act of 1427.

Do you not think it wrong to affirm and reaffirm what is substantially untrue?

It was enough simply to reaffirm the fundamental principles of democracy.

And I need only add that I reaffirm what I have written with entire sincerity.

Toward the close of his life he took occasion to reaffirm them.

For these reasons do I reaffirm that it is high time to yoke a rascal to the shafts.

"I can only reaffirm my position," Dr. Hammerfield retorted tartly.

I want to reaffirm my belief in the soundness and the promise of this proposal.

And I'm asking the Congress specifically to reaffirm this agreement.