Transform [verb]

Definition of Transform:

change completely

Opposite/Antonyms of Transform:

Sentence/Example of Transform:

What new feeling could transform me, since I find none in me?

The sixth can create and transform living creatures if he feel inclined.

How to transform the left overs into palatable and wholesome dishes.

It will be easy to watch them and to see them transform, and eventually to get the butterfly.

With uncertain hands she tried to transform that pity into sorrow, not for herself, but for him.

These exercises correct the form of the body and transform the recruit into a soldier.

I transform his whole life into a chain of causes and effects.

We must transform it into beneficence, and its opposite into the idea of maleficence.

It must not be forgotten, indeed, that the result of it upon Knox himself was to transform him.

You transform the instrument into something that is neither an orchestra nor a pianoforte.