Remodel [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Remodel:

Hubertine had taken up the shears to remodel one of the pieces of vellum.

Watch and remodel details if any distortion attends the drying process.

It is to remodel the arm, for I don't think you can mend it; but you 'll see it yourself.

It would be absurd to remodel them artificially after a pattern.

We have recalled L'Etre Supreme; we must now remodel this corrupted world.

In reality it is because they do not know how to remodel them.

He did so, and after some years was able to purchase and remodel a house in the Hamidiyeh.

I regret to say that the story will not do, and it would be as well for you not to attempt to remodel it.

At the same time, the Parliament resolved to remodel its army.

He then induced the king to remodel the patent so as to make its provisions exclusive.