Remake [verb]

Definition of Remake:

convert, transform

Synonyms of Remake:

Opposite/Antonyms of Remake:

Sentence/Example of Remake:

With such a backing, he could coerce ministries at will, and remake the politics of England.

He wouldn't be able to remake that bankroll every time if he wasn't.

As well ask him to remake his own face or to reconstruct his legs.

Evolution has made them what they are, and evolution will remake them.

Wind the thread on a reel and keep for the repairing of this cloth, then remake the hem.

It was not in Ellis to remake himself, nor did he try to change his ways.

Neither of them tried to remake America in the mold of his old country.

Have I abused the authority you gave me by putting you in a position to remake your own fortune?

It is work to remake a soldier, who will make right prevail.

It was he that made it, and it is for him to unmake it when he chooses and to remake us if he chooses.