Stagnate [verb]

Definition of Stagnate:

deteriorate by lack of action

Synonyms of Stagnate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stagnate:

Sentence/Example of Stagnate:

You and your wife Joanna may stagnate here till you blue-mold, for me.

Let them squeal, let them stagnate, let dust settle on their wares that no man came to buy.

Oh, we'd had star-travel for centuries, we were beginning to stagnate.

The villages, drained of their best blood, stagnate and decay.

This became a nightmare that threatened to stagnate the blood in his veins.

The blood must not stagnate round the heart, or the extremities will soon suffer.

As often as the water began to stagnate it was drained off and renewed.

My blood seemed to stagnate on its course, while I thought that this might well happen.

"A fellow's not going to stagnate in Benton," replied Neale.

The ropes bound about his legs had caused the blood to stagnate in the veins.