Vegetate [verb]

Definition of Vegetate:

be very passive

Synonyms of Vegetate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vegetate:

Sentence/Example of Vegetate:

They vegetate in this condition for a long time, and may still be found there in May.

For forty-two months that child was content to sit on his fanny and vegetate.

Humanity is content to vegetate, much after the fashion of a race of moles.

How I wish you had let us remain & vegetate in our own little Island.

You seem to think that, because I live in the country, I vegetate.

All she knew was, that she wished to live, and not merely to vegetate.

In the month of May, it buries itself in the earth, and begins to vegetate.

And she could not be content to vegetate there for ever, a girl of her spirit.

Would you like to vegetate like your dear good mother at Fairoaks?

It must not be supposed, however, that every seed will vegetate.