Overhaul [verb]

Definition of Overhaul:

redo, restore

Synonyms of Overhaul:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overhaul:

Sentence/Example of Overhaul:

The cruisers did not overhaul the little vessel as rapidly as Madden had anticipated.

While breakfast was in the course of preparation he went out to overhaul his saddle.

I don't think that craft could overhaul the Lion, if they tried ever so.

Not much, only I would like to have you overhaul my knapsack for me.

Whilst they were absent I carried the captain into the hold and left him to overhaul it.

Some of their men and horses were killed in their eagerness to overhaul the General.

I was up at four in the morning, however, and called all hands to overhaul the boat.

She can give everyone of you the lead by a mile and then overhaul you on the first tack.

At the pace the pony was going they were able to overhaul the herd in a short time.

The latter's pony was straining every muscle to overhaul the muley.