Renovate [verb]

Definition of Renovate:

fix up, modernize

Synonyms of Renovate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Renovate:

Sentence/Example of Renovate:

It is time to restore and renovate our communications with the Most High.

All the German governments are at work to renovate their fire-arms.

He would have condemned and destroyed instead of trying to renovate.

But his experience was that of all who buy, and renovate, and build.

But these things cannot change and renovate the human heart.

But these things cannot change, and renovate the human heart.

You can renovate your wardrobe, and I will add something to help you.

The time had then passed for him to renovate his military laurels.

Poor Augusta will require some change to renovate her spirits.

I was not planning to renovate the rle, only the girl's clothes.