Resuscitate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Resuscitate:

Even Rachel's return could not resuscitate it for more than one or two.

Now after all, by what right do you presume to resuscitate a man?

Not at all, for I am free to resuscitate the seeming corpse.

It would be foolish, nay, impossible, to try to resuscitate an old form of art.

A physician was called at once, and attempted to resuscitate him.

May God grant that you may be able to resuscitate the old cable.

My business henceforward was to resuscitate that mighty patient, the Apennines.

After nine minutes the surgeons began to work upon him to resuscitate him.

Then he was glad the trustees were determined to resuscitate the old academy.

Alphonse, I leave you to resuscitate her, while I hurry off to the General.