Revitalize [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Revitalize:

Its power to purify and revitalize is peculiar and remarkable.

Concurrently, he devoted the aforementioned enthusiasm to heading a program to revitalize the game; with significant results.

It imported Western campaigning techniques and made bold promises to revitalize and energize the economy.

Exercise will relax the muscles and call for blood which will revitalize and stimulate the weakened conditions.

These concerted efforts have been an integral part of my program to revitalize the economy.

To his notion, the thing most needed to revitalize Prouty was an electric car-line.

In the U-boat there were potash cartridges to take up the carbon-dioxide, and tanks of pure oxygen to revitalize the air.

THE primary value of the patriotic play lies in its appeal to the love of country, and its power to revitalize the past.