Freshen [verb]

Definition of Freshen:

make like new; revitalize

Synonyms of Freshen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Freshen:

Sentence/Example of Freshen:

Carpet room deodorizers can freshen the carpet and the room, but be judicious with them.

Lightning from the east and west accompanied the rain, but the wind was steady, and did not freshen or lull during the showers.

A light rain had fallen the night before, just enough to beat down the dust and freshen the landscape.

However, I think we shall do, if the wind does not freshen again.

I was but planning with this minion here some way to freshen your spirits.

Naturally it took them time to scrub and generally freshen after an all days ride on the train.

It will often be found that a few minutes given to breathing exercises in the middle of a lesson will serve to freshen the pupils.

To freshen them thoroughly, they should be left thus, the windows open, for from fifteen minutes to half an hour.

Freshen the codfish as explained in Art. 61, and then mince it very fine.

Freshen salt mackerel that is to be sautéd by putting it into a saucepan and covering it with cold water.